Artist Resume



School of Visual Arts NY, BA in illustration, medical leave 2015

Design and Architecture Senior High, 2012

Murals, Exhibitions, Commissions:

May 2018               Car painted live for Volkswagen

October 2017        2 murals completed at The Auto Firm main office

September 2017  Poster and 10 coloring book pages illustrated for National Wildlife Refuge System        

May 2017           Paint by number mural for Susan G. Komen at international mall

May 2017           Shirt design for “Ignite” Anti Tobacco conference

March 2017           3 part Unconventional mural done for Juan Valdez and Miami open

March 2017           2 speakers painted for Raumfeld speaker company in conjuction  with Magnetic Magazine

March 2017           two ten foot coloring book canvases done for The Facts Now and Okeechobee Fest

February 2017      Mural done for Leah Arts District and Jameson Cratemates

February 2017      70 VR headsets painted for a luxury hotel summit at Edition Hotel

December 2016    Mural completed for Magnus Media

October 2016         Mural painted for The Facts Now and 3 points music festival

June 2016               First place for Villa Paula art competition

July 2016                Shirt design for Becks Urban Canvas event

August 2016          Launch of Pruz apparel clothing line

February 2016      Banner design for Lot 11 skatepark, downtown Miami

February 2016      group show at FU art Gallery

October 2015        School bus painted for 3 points music festival

July 2015                Winning team for Secret Walls art battle

May 2015               Art Direction and entire mural painted for interior of Basement Miami

April 2014              Mural completed at Black wax recording studio NY

Collections:  Works held in private collections through out Miami


March 2016 .“15 Local Artists You Need to Start Following Right Now”, Ocean Drive magazine, March 2016 Issue 3.  Main spread in table of contents on page 86 then featured on page 243.

March 2017. David Ireland: “Miami’s Marlon Pruz makes a pair of Raumfeld speakers into a work of art”, (search “Marlon Pruz)


April 2017. 3 weeks spent at La Sierra Artist Residency in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. 10 pages illustrated for an educational coloring book about the environment

List of Major Clients:

Magnus Media

Juan Valdez Coffee

Beck’s Beer

Edition Hotels

Susan G. Komen foundation

Tobacco Free Florida

Avorza Auto Firm

National Wildlife Refuge System